Dog Sketch

Hello and welcome again!
So, this is a dog sketch I drew a few weeks ago, following Christopher Hart's tutorial on Youtube. I tried this tutorial, as the result in the video seemed really cute and I wanted to see how it could possibly turn out.

I hope you like it! Please, don't forget to leave a comment and follow the blog for more artwork (and who knows, maybe a challenge will become available for you soon). Also, check Christopher Hart's channel on Youtube to discover his own great art!

More artwork is coming soon!


Penguin Sketch

Hello everybody,
I hope you are having a great time if you are still on vacation. But even if school has already started for you, make sure to have fun again! 

So, this is a penguin sketch, which I created a few days ago. As I had never created a penguin before, I got lots of help from Art a la Carte's tutorial on youtube and this is the final result.

Please, leave a comment below, telling me your opinion about my work and I'll try to answer you as soon as possible. You can also give me ideas for new sketches or anything else you want.

Last but not least, don't forget to check 'Art a la Carte' on youtube and take a look at her amazing work too.

More Artwork is coming soon!


New beginning

The blog is being active again

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog,
My name is Anna. I'm an artlover and I have currently started to work on my own art again. After leaving this blog inactive for -almost- 3 years, I decided to start and post new pictures of my drawings.  I'm a beginner, so any opinion I could get from this blog would help me to improve. 

 I probably made this clear in the previous paragraph, but I'd like to say again that in this blog you will be able to find a bunch of drawings made by me. If you like my drawings or you would like to me to draw something that you like (animals,people and anything), it would be a pleasure for me to see your comments and try your ideas.

Last but not least, since I believe that I'm still a beginner at drawing, I have watched a lot of artists, who own youtube channels and I have got inspired from their art tutorials to create my drawings. So, if any of my drawings is inspired by anyone of those really cool artists, I'll make sure to tell you their names, just in case you'd like to see their amazing work too.

Stay tuned for new posts!