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Ariel the Little Mermaid

Hello everybody and welcome back! So, I decided to start sketching my favourite Disney characters. Ariel has always been one of my favourite princesses and here you can see my sketch.
In order to create this sketch I used the tutorial of a Youtuber called DramaticParrot. She is an amazing artist and her tutorials have always been helpful for me. Don't forget to check her out!
I hope you like my sketch. Please leave a comment with your opinion and follow the blog! Also, let me know if you would like me to sketch one of your favourite Disney characters as well.
I'll see you in the next post. Love, Anna

At last, I am back [ My first post ]

Hello everybody and welcome back to the blog! It's been almost a year since I posted something here. Due to studying I didn't have enough time to post or work hard for the blog. But, now I am back and I promise to post as much as I can. Anyway, let's get back to the current situation of the blog;In this blog, you will find sketches created by me. Since I'm a beginner, I often get inspired by sketches of other people that I usually find at Youtube or Instagram. If I post a sketch inspired by theirs, I will let you know about them in order to let you check their work as well.
About MeMy name is Anna and I am a student. I've been drawing since I was really young, but two years ago I decided to focus on this more. I really like sketching, but I also like playing the piano and hunging out with my friends. I prefer sketching people to sketching objects but I don't mind trying to do it as well. I will post some of my recent work as soon as I can. If you are interested …